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research overview
  Hard Shoulder Monitoring System (HASMOS) - Alternative System Research Project  
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Project Background

The Highways Agency is planning the delivery of a Managed Motorways (MM) programme which shall implement the successes and lessons learned from the M42 ATM scheme across 800 miles of the motorway network. The majority of the programme involves the dynamic use of the hard shoulder as a running lane. This requires efficient and effective monitoring and management before, during and after opening of the hard shoulder. The solution currently used on the M42 ATM scheme demands high levels of resource and a high dependency on the RCC operators which will be unsustainable on the projected scale of the future MM programme.

The requirement is to provide a support tool that ultimately would allow checking of the hard shoulder via cameras, by exception. That is, prior to opening the hard shoulder for use as a running lane, operators would be guided by the system as to which cameras should be used to visually check the hard shoulder, rather than having to check them all as a matter of routine.

HA senior management has already mandated NetServ to implement a basic hard shoulder monitoring system within the current M42 ATM scheme to evaluate radar technologies. This project (known as HASMOS) is currently underway, based on a radar technology and incorporates an established video analysis system as a control.

This initial on-road implementation is assessing the suitability of radar detector technology and accompanying software/infrastructure for the purpose of hard shoulder monitoring. It is also required to demonstrate the system's use and potential benefits to HA senior management in a live ATM environment. The outcome of the assessment and demonstration will inform the decision on whether or not to develop the system further into an operationally robust and nationally deployable form.

The advent of the future MM programme and the demand for a hard shoulder management (dynamic) system has accelerated this requirement to 'must have' status for future MM roll out. This highlights the importance of and potential reliance on, HASMOS (or its replacement) and its success.

This piece of work is to research and establish if any currently used HSMSs could be used in MM situations. HA is aware that there are systems being used widely within Europe to carry out similar functions to the HSMS requirement for MM.

Project Objectives

The objectives of this task are to:
• Initiate and manage substantial research into current HSMS that may provide or support any potentiai future MM dynamic hard shoulder management role.
• Once the recommended HSMS are identified, the task will conduct suitable trials/implementations to enable operational evaluation. This evaluation will be conducted against agreed MM requirements and will also take account of any procurement issues for the trial.
• Any identified suitable HSMS will be used with existing infrastructure where possible. The preferred site would be the current ATM pilot scheme due to high quantity of suitable infrastructure already installed. A normal motorway hard shoulder fitment is a more costly alternative, though may have to be used if the MM requirement is for un-lit carriageway use, as is currently envisaged.

Project Summary

The requirements for this project are as follows;
• Prepare contract documentation.
• Prepare project management documentation (following PRINCE2 methodologies) and propose
management of project including, PID, plans, risk management and mitigation, roll out
strategies, forward budget/time forecasting and decommissioning/exit strategy for any
fitment/trial of HSMS.
• Design, develop, procure and install all identified necessary equipment, software, infrastructure, communication medium and documentation to install evaluation systems to HA requirements including safety assessments.
• Manage the installation via any necessary sub-contractors whilst ensuring all HA requirements
are met.
• Evaluate any/all recommended systems and prepare reports on the suitability and effectiveness for MM as described in the quality criteria.
• Acknowledge and accept that there may be a high level of UK and foreign travel from within the
project to research/evaluate systems and manufacturers and this must be costed within
• Present and supply in-depth reports outlining suitability of the system for further roil out and potential national roll out to MM deployments.
• All installations will be managed and procured by the prime contractor, including area TechMac assistance for the area being fitted. This will be under the direction of the prime contractor and HA area maintenance manager and will be subject to a pre-planned and authorised programme approved by HA.
• Install a computer(s), potentially at an RCC/alternative office to collect, collate, process and
display system alert data.
• Install an ADSL (or comparable) connection from the test/evaluation computer to a remote location to allow monitoring/configuration by members of the project team/manufacturers

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