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research overview
  The effect of climate change on earthworks slopes  
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Project Background

The European CVIS project started in February 2006 and is aiming to define and develop the information and infrastructure requirements for future Cooperative vehicle highway systems (CVHS). The CVIS consortium consists of over 60 partners from industry, public, government and academia across Europe. The project is scheduled to last four years with the culmination of trials to demonstrate information delivery from infrastructure to in-vehicle systems supporting automated vehicle control. Engagement in this project gives the HA visibility of the development of this significant European trial to help it understand future needs in its information gathering and dissemination systems and the future requirements for infrastructure to support cooperative vehicle-highway systems.

Project Objectives

The purpose of this research task is to purchase consultancy support to assist the Agency in meeting its commitment in supporting the evaluation of the project. The task will also include the monitoring of other related UK and European CVHS projects, such as SAFESPOT, Coopers etc. CVIS is defining the information and infrastructure requirements to support future Cooperative Vehicle Highways Systems. The HA involvement will define and facilitate the evaluation of the CVIS interurban trials, which are to be carried out at test facilities near Hessen and across Europe.

Project Summary

Co-operative vehicle highway systems offer the opportunity to move towards the ideal of 100% reliable and 100% safe road journeys. New developments in in-vehicle technology are rapidly moving towards vehicles which think for themselves, providing warnings or actuation to improve travel safety. However to allow these systems to develop to a stage of full efficient automation, information is required from the network. The infrastructure will communicate with the vehicle to provide vehicles with complete overview of travel conditions and close the information loop which will eventually lead to full automation, information from the network infrastructure will be required.

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