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research overview
  Daytime Conspicuity  
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Project Background

The Highways Agency is committed to improving the safety of its workforce and continuously seeks to reduce their exposure to risk. A key part of this process is to improve the conspicuity of workers, i.e. the ability of approaching drivers to detect and identify the presence of a road worker. Ensuring that approaching drivers are able to observe the presence of road workers is a critical element for both road worker and road user safety. Consideration is being given to changing the colour of workwear by highway operatives. However, prior to any change in HA policy requirements it is essential to understand and assess the impact of any recommendations for change. It is vital that changes are not based solely on night time performance and do not compromise daytime performance of workwear. Therefore, this task will measure conspicuity performance under daytime conditions for the scenarios evaluated under the night-time conspicuity task, in order to provide robust recommendations regarding colour of workwear.

Project Objectives

The main objectives of the task are:

i) using the test methodology developed for the Night Time Conspicuity trials, determine optimum daytime colour combinations for vehicle and clothing, particularly with workers in the vicinity of traffic management equipment and high-visibility equipment, and

ii) assess the optimum locations for people to stand in order to maximise their safety when working at incident scenes/breakdowns during daylight.

These objectives will be delivered through a daytime, off-road trial involving a statistically significant number of participants. This trial will be delivered through the following sub-tasks:
Sub-task 1: Trial Preparation
Sub-task 2: Clothing /uniform evaluations
Sub-task 3: Vehicle / clothing combination evaluation
Sub-task 4: Analysis and reporting

Project Summary

The Agency is directly responsible for the health, safety and welfare of operatives working on and around the Network and is committed to achieving the highest standards. Maximising road worker conspicuity at planned or emergency works will minimise the risk of accidents; this is especially relevant to Traffic Officers.

It is essential to ensure that any changes in conspicuity procedures are based on robust research, as for example changes that improve night-time conspicuity may compromise daytime conspicuity. This does not represent a reduction in risk to a level that is as low as is reasonably practicable.

Obtaining data on conspicuity enhancements and their effectiveness will permit the Agency to effectively assess “innovations” suggested by Traffic Officers; due to the current dearth of data this is not possible at the moment. Such information can deliver a real improvement in road worker safety and will assist the Agency to minimise the possibility of accidents and incidents involving road workers.

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