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research overview
  Development of a Risk Based Approach to Geotechnical Asset Management  
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Project Background

Currently network resilience planning is focussed on incident management. These incidents are high frequency, short term, low consequence events that shut the network for periods of hours. The fact that they are frequent draws focus to these type of events and their impact on Journey Time Reliability. To date there have been very few incidents of asset failure that have significantly disrupted the operation of the network. However, a recent failure of a bridge deck in Canada has highlighted both the safety and potential disruption implications of such low frequency, long term, high consequence events - network closed for months. Similar failures occurred on the London Underground network in 1994 where a significant earthworks failure closed the Northern line for 3 months.

A rational risk framework is needed for evaluating the risk of such low frequency high consequence events against the more usual high frequency low consequence events.

Project Objectives

Provide a coherent prioritisation mechanism for maintenance investment by combining the current evidence based approach to risk with a quantitative risk management approach. Develop a coherent modelling methodology to evaluate risks to network operation arising from various sources. Success would be a single way of evaluating 'value' of 'interventions' be it slope or structure repairs or traffic incident management measures such as 'rubber necking screens' or 'emergency response for acetylene fires’.

Project Summary

Review the current practice, hazards, likelihood, consequences and identify a coherent way of modelling risks that affect network operation and thereby JTR. The work shall involve:
1. The first task required is to redevelop the specification to deliver the above objective.
2. gathering data on “incidents” from 14 Managing Agent Contractors.
3. Liaising with other SSN9 Project Sponsors and Suppliers. Liaising with Network Operations Program Office. Coordinate with the ongoing work on Whole Life Costing and Value Management.

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