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Project Management of Research Package on Mobility Pricing
ARAMIS  18. July 2013 at 14:30   more
Development of the objectives of the Research Programme on Mobility Pricing (MP), identification of knowledge gaps, preparation of the Programme and of the documents for obtaining the research grant.

Framework for the tender documents for the individual projects of the Programme and support of the evaluation committees of the research proposals.

Evaluation of the current and completed research projects on the subject of MP of the EU Framework Programmes

Review of the individual projects

Support of the steering group and the evaluation committees

Development of a summary report

Assistance at the project communication

Project administration
Los Angeles test complement in foresight of the introduction of the european standard regarding aggregates (EN 13043)
ARAMIS  18. July 2013 at 14:30   more
When the mandate of research FA n° 22/92 "realisation of tests in way of european normalisation on a sampling of Swiss agregats used in the production of road surfacing" was realisated, the size 10/14 was the only one tested with the Los Angeles test according to the futur EN and with eleven steel balls. But today, that size doesn't belong to the "Basic set plus 1", set which was chosen by Switzerland. So and according to the test norm EN 1097-2 "Methods for the determination of resistance to fragmentation" we have to execute a serial of Los Angeles tests on size 4/8, 8/11 and 11/16. The values we are going to obtain are not known because the number of steel balls used for the test is different for any size and never the same than in the...
Reliability and accuracy of radar results on concrete bridges
ARAMIS  18. July 2013 at 14:30   more
Im Forschungsprojekt wurde die Genauigkeit und Zuverlässigkeit von Radarergebnissen auf Brücken wie folgt ermittelt:

Die Belagsdicke konnte auf 95% der untersuchten Strecke bestimmt werden. Die mittlere Abweichung zwischen Radarergebnis und der Realität betrug 9mm. Die Frage, wie gut das Verfahren Schäden im Asphaltbelag detektieren kann, konnte im Rahmen diese Forschungsprojektes nicht abschliessend beantwortet werden.

Die Eisenüberdeckung der obersten Bewehrungslage konnte auf 77% der untersuchten Strecke bestimmt werden. Die mittlere Abweichung zwischen Radarergebnis und der Realität betrug 10mm. Über weite Strecken konnte zusätzlich die Maschenweite der obersten Bewehrungslage bestimmt werden.
The effectiveness and benefits of traffic information systems
ARAMIS  18. July 2013 at 14:30   more
The usefulness and effectiveness of traffic information systems shall be established theoretically and empirically on the basis of a multi-layer approach. Cornerstones of the study are on the one hand the development of a methodology to assess the changes in behaviour of travellers resulting from traffic information and on the other hand interviews of travellers at the Gotthard-route and their qualitative and quantitative analysis. Results of those interviews are compared with the then available traffic information and the real-time traffic situation, thus allowing for accurate statements on effectiveness and usefulness of traffic information systems. Recommendations for traffic information providers round off study results.
Safety of the road traffic system and its civil engineering structures: uniform evaluation of risks
ARAMIS  18. July 2013 at 14:30   more
The project includes the development of a framework for a consistent risk management, applicable for the management of all safety issues in the road traffic system. It includes quantitative risk assessments as well as quantitative criteria for risk acceptance. The framework provides a comprehensible basis for cost-effective decision making in all safety areas
Research Package „Intermodality of Freight Transport“ Initial Project „ State of the Art in Research and Detailled Package Description“
ARAMIS  18. July 2013 at 14:30   more
There are to analyse existing and planed european research activities and to evaluate new activities exclusively inerested for Switzerland. First draft of thematics are to discuss with transport experts and representatives from federal administration. As result the research package is to describe.

Together with federal administration it’s to validate the possibilities of financial contribution. The concept of the research package management has to be developed.
Research Program: Transportation Models for Regions, Urban Agglomerations and Communities; Preparatory Study
ARAMIS  18. July 2013 at 14:30   more
Formulation of a research program for the enhancement of the state of practice of transportation modelling in urban agglomerations and communities in the light of the increasing importance of traffic management schemes. Appraisel of the advantages and disadvantages of a "research bundel" and a "research package", recommendations for putting the program into action.
Research package AGB1: "Safetyof roads and its civil engineering structures": project management phase 1
ARAMIS  18. July 2013 at 14:30   more
Formulation of the overall concept to specify the detailed projects.
Cross tests in soil mechanics
ARAMIS  18. July 2013 at 14:30   more
It is planned to perform a series of tests in the field of soil mechanics and foundation engineering. The tests are organized as so called cross tests.
Surface-protection systems; classification, requirements, testing methods, conformity procedures
ARAMIS  18. July 2013 at 14:30   more
Based on actual regulations by law, technical specifications and guidelines a classification system for surface protection systems as well as the requirements for products and execution will be developed. Testing methods and procedures for the proper use of these systems in Switzerland will be evaluated and determined.
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