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Approch zones to tunnels on motorways
ARAMIS  18. July 2013 at 14:30   more
Die Ergebnisse beziehen sich auf eine grosse Anzahl von Einzelmassnahmen. Nachfolgend sind die massgebenden Ergebnisse dargestellt:
- Die Forschungsarbeit liefert die projektierungsbezogenen Grundlagen zur Erhöhung der Verkehrssicherheit in den Tunnelvorbereichen mit einer Optimierung der passiven Sicherheit. Die Empfohlenen Massnahmen bewirken keine Mehrkosten.
- Die Resultate der Forschungsarbeit ermöglichen eine Optimierung der Gestaltung der Tunnelvorbereiche zu Gunsten aller betroffener Dienste.
- Allgemein eine Herabsetzung der Staubildung während der Vorbereitung von Unterhaltseinsätzen in Tunneln.
- Die Beurteilung und Vorstellung der sehr unterschiedlichen Ausführungen von schnell demontierbaren...
Comparison of noise characteristics of wearing courses with Mastic Asphalt (Gussasphalt) with designed surface
ARAMIS  18. July 2013 at 14:30   more
In a test section on a cantonal road in the Canton Aargau three to four section, each in a length of about 100 m, with different wearing course will be placed. The noise behaviour and the development of noise characteristics and quality will be observed during two years.
"Maintenance of structures": Actions (SIA 269/1)
ARAMIS  18. July 2013 at 14:30   more
The elaboration of the standard SIA 269/1 „Maintenance of structures - Actions” is part of the SIA-project „Maintenance of existing structures”. It is foreseen to make available a set of standards concerning the maintenance of existing structures. This set of standards is ranged around the basic code SIA 269 “Basis of maintenance for existing structures”, which contains the following sections:

- Principles (domain of application, terminology, bases, actualized actions and resistances)

- Interventions of periodic maintenance (surveying and maintenance)

- Verification (condition survey, evaluation of the existing condition, recommendation of measure)

- Intervention...
Maintenance of the swiss part of the Databank ITRD (International Transport Research Documentation) - Year 2002
ARAMIS  18. July 2013 at 14:30   more
non disponible
"Maintenance of structures": Geotechnical design (SIA 269/7)
ARAMIS  18. July 2013 at 14:30   more
The elaboration of the standard SIA 269/7 „Maintenance of geotechnical structures” is part of the SIA-project „Maintenance of existing structures”. It is foreseen that in addition to a basic standard material specific codes are made available. Within the scope of the maintenance planning these standards concern mainly the constructive measures.

After presentation of the first draft of the basic standard SIA 269 the following procedure is planned:

- Establishing the working group

- Determine the possible subjects

- Elaboration of fundamental technical and scientific basics

- Formulation of the standard text

- Internal enquiry within the...
Sustainable Goods Supply and Transport in Agglomerations (Conurbations)
ARAMIS  18. July 2013 at 14:30   more
Road freight transport has increased dramatically in the past decades within the urban conurbations, and forecasts for the future indicate that the growth has not come to an end. The negative aspects of this growth are most visible in all European urban areas: congestion to which lorries and small delivery vehicles contribute, noise emissions, emission of pollutants and accidents are problems that decrease the quality of the urban environment substantially.

To solve the increasing problems relating to freight transport and to provide the suitable infrastructure at suitable locations it is important to identify the developments in freight transport and infrastructure use and also the interrelations with the socio-economic and...
Data processing for Multimode Traffic Control
ARAMIS  18. July 2013 at 14:30   more
The aim of research is the development of a specific architecture and description of the interfaces for transmision and distribution of traffic data in order to control multimode traffic. These traffic data are used in traffic telematics services with consideration of the legal-institutional, economic and technical conditions in Switzerland. The planing has to take place in multi mode with consideration of the private and public traffic on the road. Existing standards are to be considered.
mobility pricing, aspects of traffic engineering
ARAMIS  18. July 2013 at 14:30   more
Numerous international projects on Road Pricing and parking fee collection offer a wealth of experience with the involved issues. However, to gain transferable results the necessity of a comprehensive assessment is apparent, which takes the context systems for toll collection, signalisation, and control are deployed in into account. While in the past systems were commonly deployed for highly specific purposes now the integration of Road Pricing into a comprehensive traffic management (e. g. VM-CH) has to be highlighted. The concept of Mobility Pricing can’t be realised without considering interdependencies between different modes of transport.
Hence, the objective is an all-embracing assessment scheme, which looks at intramodal...
Edition of a manual on the correlations in soil mechanics
ARAMIS  18. July 2013 at 14:30   more
The manual will be in French, German and English. Relatively to the research report OFROU 496, the text will be condensed and improved. Only that is really compulsory for the use of the numerous tables and figures will remain. These tables and figures will be the essence of the manual.
Road-Landslide Interaction: Monitoring and Inverse Stability Analysis
ARAMIS  18. July 2013 at 14:30   more
The following objectives will be achieved in the proposed research:

Objective 1: Identification of the landslides in Switzerland suitable for the simplified analysis and development of the database of the observed data.

Objective 2: Development of the inverse analysis procedure for prediction of effects of environmental factors (including transportation) on the landslide evolution.Objective 3: Development of the recommendations for the optimum landslides monitoring programs as related to the road and railway construction and operation.
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