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Swiss Requirements for the Exchange of Traffic Information in Europe
ARAMIS  18. July 2013 at 14:30   more
The Swiss requirements relating to the exchange of traffic information will be collected from the directly involved users . In particular the specific requirements relating to heavy goods vehicles traffic and multimodal traffic information and intermodal transport (road/rail). On this basis and under consideration of the european requirements a concept for the international traffic information exchange will be developed. The results will be discussed within the international expert groups and working groups of the standardisation bodies.
Use and application of the Impact Echo Method
ARAMIS  18. July 2013 at 14:30   more
New techniques appear in the domain of non-destructive bridge inspection. Amongst these methods, the Impact Echo was the focus of numerous tests. The results of these tests are encouraging. The Impact Echo method is based on the use of a wave of pressure generated by the impact of a steel marble on the concrete surface. The method is used to detect injection defaults in the sheathing of the prestressing cables, delaminations in the concrete layers, cavities, cracks and thickness of structural elements. The Impact Echo method has passed the level of prototype and is close to being considered a reliable method of inspection. The field of application must be clearly defined as a function of requirements and the capacity to detect a given type...
Requirements for and quality control of a water repellent treatment
ARAMIS  18. July 2013 at 14:30   more
It has been shown so far that the penetration depth of the water repellent treatment is most essential for a long-term performance. Sufficient penetration depth can be achieved only if the surface is in contact with the water repellent agent for a long enough period. Today there are at least 3 alternatives to achieve this aim: (a) use of a Silane cream, (2) 5-8 times spraying with an interval after the 2 first treatments, (3) application of the agent from a box attached to the surface.
Offers and criteria of success in nightly leisure-traffic
ARAMIS  18. July 2013 at 14:30   more
In the context of the research, offers are gathered, which can make contributions to reduce the part of motorized individual traffic at the nocturnal leisure traffic and to increase road safety. In a survey by party-organizers and party-participants success criteria are determined to be applied to the offers.
Study of the stability and variability of mobility behavior
ARAMIS  18. July 2013 at 14:30   more
The project will enhance the methodolgy of long term surveys of travel behavior and analyse the data with respect to stability and variability of travel behavior. A sample of approx. 250 persons (150 households) will be asked to report in diary-form all trips for a period of 6 weeks. Emphasis will be put on two new aspects: a) structure of the spatial dimensions of social networks and b) mobility-biography with respect to driver's license, carownership and ownership of season tickets. The methods of sequential analysis and discrete choice modelling will be applied to analyse the data with respect to the stability of the daily activity patterns , stability of task allocations within a household and stability of choice of destinations and...
Concrete properties according to SN EN 206-1
ARAMIS  18. July 2013 at 14:30   more
With the introduction of SN EN 206-1 on 1.1.03 the concrete properties must be determinded with test methods. The test results will be evaluated, in order to define the requirements for concrete for various expositions classes.
Construction of a test soot particle generator using liquid fuel
ARAMIS  18. July 2013 at 14:30   more
An atomizing unit for liquid fuel will be developed and adapted to the CAST burner. Within the combustion chamber of the CAST burner the atomized fuel reacts with the coating air and forms a co-flow diffusion flame. At the outlet of the combustion chamber the flame is quenched by inert gas and changes to a smoke with soot particles. In order to vary the features of soot particles, the fuel mixture will be diluted using inert gas. The operation parameters and the features of soot particles will be studied, inkl. the content of the cancerogene PAH. Besides, a further important objektive of the project is to make the soot generator work well stable and reproducible.
Inclusion of travel expenses in the modelling of mobility behaviour
ARAMIS  18. July 2013 at 14:30   more
The project proposed here aims to analyse the impacts of introducing mobility pricing on the behaviour and the decisions of passengers. Short term changes are expected for route, mode and departure time choices. Till now there has been no investigation about the long term impacts as changed destination choice, different equipment with mobility tools or shifting of residence and job locations. However, also for the short term effects a detailed appraisal for Switzerland has not yet been carried out.

Therefore a series of revealed preference (RP) and stated preference (SP) surveys should be held, which fathom the impacts of mobility pricing in the context with other cost components in transport choice situations. The personal...
Site Installation and Trials of the Acoustic Monitoring System Soundprint
ARAMIS  18. July 2013 at 14:30   more
Soundprint was developed in Canada and is distributed in Europe by Advitam. Sensors, systematically attached to the structure register and localize energy induced by wire breaks and transfered through the structure as oscilation. Since every oscilation got a characteristic spectrum irrelevant data can be filtered out. The analysis and interpretation is done by a special software. Thus wirebreaks can be detected and subsequent wire breaks or detoration ca be controlled.
In North America Soundprint is commercially used to monitor monostrands in flatslabs. Experiences with bridge-monitoring were made in Great Britain. The considered bridge in Roveredo, canton Graubünden spans over the river Moesa and was built in 1952. It is a slab...
Considering sustainability in the research and standards elaboration done by the VSS.
ARAMIS  18. July 2013 at 14:30   more
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