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Opportunity and choice criteria for automatic thawing agent spraying systems
ARAMIS  18. July 2013 at 14:30   more
Road maintenance, in more or less acceptable safety conditions, needs the use of sophisticated intervention tools. Nevertheless, on particular points of the network (bridges, tunnels, heavy traffic), winter maintenance still is difficult. From a user safety point of view an automatic anti-icing system allows interventions exactly when needed, i.e. before traction on the pavement is lost, which is not possible with traditional winter maintenance tools. In order to decrease the risk of slipping, a preventive use of salt is necessary. For environmental reasons this procedure is disadvised or, in some places, even forbidden. The establishment of an automatic anti-icing system is also judicious in economic terms by not disturbing traffic flow,...
Road pricing concepts for motorways and urban transport
ARAMIS  18. July 2013 at 14:30   more
This resarch project aims to structure and put in concrete form possible road pricing models for Switzerland, along the following research questions:
› What is the importance of the existing practical and theoretical schemes for road pricing in Switzerland?
› Which possible schemes and alternatives do exist and how can they be implemented?
› How to evaluate possible schemes in regard to their short and longterm potentials for Switzerland?
› Which acceptability aspects are most relevant?
› What can be recommended in regard to further development and implementation of road pricing schemes in Switzerland?
Prevention and Remedy of Chloride-induced Corrosion in Reinforced Concrete through Inhibitors on MFP-Basis
ARAMIS  18. July 2013 at 14:30   more
not available yet
Testing of tack coats
ARAMIS  18. July 2013 at 14:30   more
A good inter layer adhesion is essential for a good performance of asphalt concrete roads. The empirical use of tack coats serves this goal. A parameter study should provide information for a more systematic use. Parameters like surface characteristics, cleanness, type of pavement being of practical importance are investigated. The project is intended to produce knowledge to choose the right type of tack coat, its dosage to achieve a good interlayer adhesion. Product for the market will be used. The project is a pre-normative work.
Non-destructive inspection of steel cables with large diameters for cables with large diameters for cables-stayed bridges
ARAMIS  18. July 2013 at 14:30   more
Gemäss der "Fachlichen Auswertung".
Evaluation of traffic safety using microsimulation
ARAMIS  18. July 2013 at 14:30   more
Corrosion of Concrete in Tunnel-Buildings: Deterioration Mechanisms
ARAMIS  18. July 2013 at 14:30   more
Modern concrete materials are generally characterized by durability qualities. However, under certain circumstances the interaction with water may lead to serious chemical alterations which shorten the service life of buildings. In the case of tunnels and other underground constructions the costs for renovations are extremely high. In order to initiate protective countermeasures against corrosive damages it is important to understand the deterioration processes.
Although concrete corrosion has many different faces, there are some general phenomena, which are observed in most field studies of deteriorated concrete. In this study we investigate the underlying mechanisms of short and long term concrete-water interactions in selected...
Design of the road area and the environement
ARAMIS  18. July 2013 at 14:30   more
The objectiv of the research is the collection and analysis of realized good examples of road design including invironement and existing structures of buildings.
Prestressing tendons, stay cables and graund anchors - Description of the systems and lessons learnt from corrrosion damages
ARAMIS  18. July 2013 at 14:30   more
Über Korrosionsschäden an Spanngliedern gibt es viele einzelne Informationen und Berichte, aber nur wenige zusammenfassende Darstellungen. Mit der Bearbeitung des Forschungsauftrages Nr. 86/95 des ASTRA wurde von der Forschungsstelle ein Anfang zur Aufarbeitung und Veröffentlichung ausgewählter Schadenfälle in der Schweiz gemacht. 1998 wurde der Bericht über das Projekt „Korrosionsschäden an Spannstählen in Spanngliedern und vorgespannten Boden- und Felsankern“ publiziert.

Mit dem zweiten Projekt wurde diese Arbeit fortgesetzt und erweitert. Zum einen wurde versucht, eine möglichst vollständige Dokumentation der in der Schweiz eingesetzten Spann-, Schrägseil- und Ankersysteme zu erstellen und diese zu...
Basic standards for variable message signing
ARAMIS  18. July 2013 at 14:30   more
The VSS Norm SN 640 526 "Variable message signing"', published in 1980, has been long since overtaken by the technical advances in this field.

Present day traffic policy leans increasingly towards making better use of existing road systems and improving their management, by means of directing and guiding traffic in a more rational and efficient manner. Dynamic signalling is proving to be a suitable means of influencing traffic flow and can be tailored to real-time events, whilst taking due note of available alternatives.

Current ongoing research in this field is concerned merely with lane signing on heavily-used roads and is in no position to fill the existing gaps in standardization. The working out of a basic...
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