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Evaluation of road restraint systems in central reserve
ARAMIS  18. July 2013 at 14:30   more
For the research work a data acquisition of accidents happened at safety barriers of central reserves of highways on choosen roadway sections will be effected. Also all system and maintenace related datas of the systems in the central reserve of the studies sections will be compiled for the study period (2000 to and including 2004). Based on a detailed analysis and considering foreign studies on this issue, the roadway sections will be assessed subdividing into the conventional systems according to the ASTRA guidelines, concrete barriers and steel barriers. The results of the evaluation will be summarized in a decisive matrix considering the different safety barriers.
Capacity of parking facilities
ARAMIS  18. July 2013 at 14:30   more
After the technical references being evaluated empiric investigations are carried out in order to determine the capacity of all components for parking facilities referring to the vehicles and the pedestrians. The final report shall allow to establish new standards instead of the former norm 640 293.
Indentation test for hard Gussasphalt
ARAMIS  18. July 2013 at 14:30   more
Gussasphalts are nowadays tested by a method, used at the time indentations of about 3 to 6 mm were common. The precision of this method is not sufficient enough for today's highly stressed objects with indentations of less than 2 mm.

The test of dynamic indentation is exceptionally suited for optimising mix designs and for defining targets often used in practice. Currently, there is missing a significant and reliable method for the continuous quality control.

A new method should be developed by evaluation different parameters, similar to the previous test with cylindrical samples.
Long term stability of deep tunnels. - Analysis of Swiss underground constructions.
ARAMIS  18. July 2013 at 14:30   more
The first part of the project will compile in a database Swiss tunnels experiencing delayed phenomena and maintenance problems. Based on these documented case histories, an analysis will be carried out to determine the conditions potentially inducing this time-dependent behaviour. This intend to identify tunnels with potential problems of large deformations and/or long term build-up of support pressure.
The second part will be devoted to the thorough investigation of some tunnels where significant time-dependent phenomena are observed. A close interpretation of the monitoring data and observations will be carried out by means of simple models established in the framework of the "convergence-confinement" method. The objective is to...
Retention and treatment of road surface water
ARAMIS  18. July 2013 at 14:30   more
Research are to determine volumes of water run-off of roadway in order to define the bases of hydraulic dimensioning and the practical realization of the following works : - Works of retention (concrete basins or natural basins, depression, basins, storage in the conduits, roads, places, etc) - mud Tanks - Basins of retention / filtration research must in particular : - To create the bases for the elaboration of a standard in the field where there are not some yet. - To ensure the respect of the "Instructions" 2002 of the OFEFP. - To integrate the various dimensioning methods from the works of retention and water treatment of roadway, in particular by the introduction of a method close to reality of the occurences (hydrogramme unit,...
On-site runoff experiments on roads
ARAMIS  18. July 2013 at 14:30   more
This research projects is focused on the mechanisms of road drainage during intense precipitation. By means of rainfall experiments and specific measurements, information is yielded to verify and validate simulations performed with a two-dimensional model. The results are used to evaluate rules of road drainage.
Swiss participation to the ELLPAG project (European Long-Life Pavement Group): Making best use of Long-Life Pavements in Europe
ARAMIS  18. July 2013 at 14:30   more
During 1998/99, WERD asked for topics of interest affecting the European road network, with the aim of identifying any knowledge gap and to initiate future research. Long-Life Pavements (LLPs) was one of the topics suggested by the UK Highways Agency and was later endorsed by WERD as appropriate for a co-operative approach.

The European Long-Life PAvement Group (ELLPAG) was subsequently established as a FEHRL Working Group to act as the focal point for determining the way forward. Members of the Group comprise representatives of research institutes who are FEHRL members, and a member of the UK Highways Agency.

Two levels of membership of the Group have been created. Firstly, a core membership who are directly...
Application areas of various means of transportation in agglomerations
ARAMIS  18. July 2013 at 14:30   more
Spatial connections are the most important bottlenecks for interchange between residential areas. While increasing, agglomerations rely on powerful development of their entire transportation system.
To conduct the agglomeration programmes certain instruments are needed to evaluate reasonable application areas of means of transport. The product of the project will be a guideline which will be of high relevance for the application of means of transport. The guideline will serve engineers and planers but also politicians and administration as a tool containing indicators, classifications, application criteria and - characteristics, marginal values and success factors which can be used directly in discussions and planning.
Innovative approaches to parking management
ARAMIS  18. July 2013 at 14:30   more
Existing innovative approaches to parking management shall be collected, classified, described and assessed. The scope of investigation is Switzerland and selected European cities. Interesting approaches outside Europe may provide complements. The assessment of the approaches covers all relevant criteria and success indicators. It comprises observations on pros/cons and opportunities/risks
Improvement of the individual driver behaviour model in order to evaluate the safety level of a traffic flow using microsimulation
ARAMIS  18. July 2013 at 14:30   more
This proposed research project is connected to the COST 352 action, which analyses the influence of in-vehicle information systems on road safety requirements.
Microscopic traffic simulation tools use certain parameters for vehicle behaviour within a traffic flow. This research project will isolate the most important safety parameters and propose their evaluation based on microsimulation. Observation of real traffic will allow to adapt the model values to real conditions. In order to validate the developped evaluation model the safety evaluation results of certain modelled road stretches will be compared to the real accident statistics. Finally, the influence of driver information on the safety parameters will also be analysed.
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