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  Instructions for testing the RRAF  
Kamala Sharma  17. June 2010 at 14:25  back to news
The RRAF system is now online and ready for first testing. A limited group of users has been invited to register to the RRAF so far. In order to be able to see all the information within the RRAF, one must register, however, this is currently only possible upon invitation. The reason for this is that there is some confidential information inside, which is not to be shown to the public at this stage. Due to this, we ask that registered users (that have been invited by the RRAF development team) DO NOT INVITE ANY PEOPLE that are not inside the ENR2 project or CEDR TGR-TPM. We thank those users in advance for their understanding and cooperation. Once the initial testing phase is complete, the system will be opened to the wider public.

Some NRAs (National Road Administrations) have provided information on research that is only meant for internal use. Therefore, until we have confirmed that the info can be made public, registration cannot be open to the public.

Now, as to what you (those that have been invited to register and test the facility) should do in the testing phase:

  • Please register if you haven’t done so already (follow the link in the invitation, then confirm registration through the second email you receive to confirm your registration)
  • Go into your profile (top right) and edit it. Please also upload a photo of yourself if you have one. This will show up next to your comment if you make one. It really makes the system more lively and attractive so don’t be shy.
  • Browse through the RRAF website as much as possible
  • Try out the search function (also in the google custom-search)
  • Use the comment system (under RRAF or NEWS section)
  • In short, play with the website and the RRAF

We are very much looking forward to receiving your feedback. Please keep in mind that the earlier we receive feedback, the easier it will be to make possible changes to the system.

You can send your comments to or even better you can post them within the comments section of this news. We would like to hear your comments and suggestions for RRAF improvement by the 10th of July 2010.

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Re: Instructions for testing the RRAF  
Patrizia Bellucci  9. March 2011 at 15:54
I didn't find system malfunctioning. Anyway, I just want to highlight that in order to make the search function produce good results, it is important that keywords are inserted in all projects included in the data-base. I noticed that in some cases, where keywords are not present, the filtering system produces results not complying with the search target.
As for Italy, an upgrade of the information included in the data-base will be provided as soon as possible.
Re: Instructions for testing the RRAF  
Darko Gavrić  2. March 2011 at 10:18
Yes there were some problem with access rights. The problems have been solved and you should now see your content. We apologize for all the inconvenience.
Re: Instructions for testing the RRAF  
Matej Michelizza  2. March 2011 at 09:05
We are sorry, but it looks there are some problems with access rights on RRAF at the moment. We will try to solve this issue ASAP and will notify you.
Re: Instructions for testing the RRAF  
Albert Daly  1. March 2011 at 17:23
I checked the RRAF information today but cannot find any of the project that were on the system back in June. Also, can these entries now be amended and noew project uploaded directly by me?
Albert Daly
Re: Instructions for testing the RRAF  
Matej Michelizza  5. July 2010 at 12:58
@Albert: I have just updated RRAF records you provided so now you should be able to edit them (edit link should appear beside RRAF record). If you have any problems you can always contact me.
Re: Instructions for testing the RRAF  
Matej Michelizza  22. June 2010 at 22:01
Dear Albert, first of all thank you for testing RRAF and your comment. At the moment entries in RRAF can only be edited by administrator or author of each entry. Unfortunately all entries in RRAF were imported from Excel file and were not equipped with information about author. It is planned to add this information in 2 weeks (when I am back in the office). We will let you know when you can edit RRAF entries you provided.
Re: Instructions for testing the RRAF  
Albert Daly  22. June 2010 at 18:13
I have just used the RRAF for the first time. It is populated with information provided by me for the trans-national joint programming workshop. I would need to modify the entries in order to clarify aspects of the projects and to make the information public. How do I do this?
Albert Daly

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