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  RRAF Status update  
Matej Michelizza  2. June 2010 at 09:23  back to news
First users are joining the system and we would like to overview which features are already available. You are currently browsing development version of RRAF and some features are not fully tested yet. Please report any errors or suggestions for RRAF development within comments section of this news.

Module USERS:
- users can register to RRAF only by invitation of other registered user (when system will go live, anyone can register)
- registered users can send invites to other colleagues
- users can modify their profile and upload their photo
- users can request password reset or their username to be sent to their email
- users can view other users profiles with photos (if those users posted any comments)
- main user actions are being logged

Module RRAF:
- latest entries to RRAF are displayed on home page
- listing of RRAF entries
- filtering, sorting and text search
- adding new content and editing existing content (admin only)
- viewing existing content
- adding/viewing comments to content

RRAF content:
- data only available to registered users (temporary)
- 968 road research projects that were collected within ENR2 project were imported from XLS file to RRAF
- all projects info are available to registered users (invited only)
- contacts data is missing on imported projects (email, contact person)

Module NEWS:
- list of latest news is displayed on home page
- full list of RRAF news
- editing and posting new news (news admin only)
- viewing full news
- posting comments to news (also unregistered users can post comments)

Other contents of RRAF page:
- about project page
- aim & mission page
- links to other road research resources
- Google custom search page
- contacts page

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Re: RRAF Status update  
Matej Michelizza  21. February 2011 at 11:44
Records from FEHRL project database are now available within RRAF.
Re: RRAF Status update  
Matej Michelizza  27. October 2010 at 14:21
A new feature has been added to RRAF. New users can now request access to NRA members content upon registration. Access to NRA content has to be granted by administrators.
Re: RRAF Status update  
Matej Michelizza  23. August 2010 at 15:26
@Katrine: This resource looks very intersting. Now we just need to find a way how to include information from this resource into RRAF. I think we can discuss this question next week in Brussels.
Regarding links to the subject Ressources  
User does not have defined profile photo Katrine Handberg  16. August 2010 at 16:14
Hi Matej,

The Portal is really growing with number of items :-)

Regarding Ressouces I have the follwong suggestions: This is a Nordic Journal - with full-text articles - with info about road and transport research in the Nordic countries
NordBAlt Transportation Libraries - tjeck this one out -
Regards Katrine Handberg, The Danish Road Directorate

Denmark records added  
Matej Michelizza  14. July 2010 at 15:03
86 road research information from Denmark were just imported into RRAF.
Re: RRAF Status update  
Matej Michelizza  5. July 2010 at 16:21
Research information from Poland (21) and Italy (38) were added to RRAF
Re: RRAF Status update  
Kamala Sharma  1. July 2010 at 07:52
@ Darko: Thank you. It works great.
Re: RRAF Status update  
Darko Gavrić  30. June 2010 at 13:47
@Kamala: The filters are now working as you said. When you click on the filter it shows all entries with this filter. Then when you go back and click on other filter it resets all other filters and searches only by the selected (clicked) filter.
Re: RRAF Status update  
Martin Stepic  17. June 2010 at 08:59
Replies to comments are now also sent to your e-mail.
Statistics Page Links  
Kamala Sharma  16. June 2010 at 16:17
As I noticed the categories within "RRAF statistics" are now all linked. That is a very convenient function. However, I have encountered some difficulties with it.
When I click on e.g. Sweden (to find only entries from Sweden) it then shows me all Swedish entries (good so far). However, when I then go back and click on e.g. status "in progress", it shows me only Swedish entries that are in progress. The filter is not reset. I believe it to be more useful if the filter were reset every time one selects any of the options within "RRAF statistics". I hope this is possible.
Search engine updated  
Darko Gavrić  16. June 2010 at 11:23
We have updated RRAF search engine with some additional features. Now it is possible to select which part of road resarch information is included into search (title, abstract, full text, keywords). You can also select if you want all words (if there are more than one) inclued in results, or one word is enough. Searching by exact phrase is also possible.
Statistics page added  
Matej Michelizza  4. June 2010 at 15:26
Today we added special subpage that displays statistic of RRAF entries according to different paramteres. Page can be found under RRAF > rraf statistic

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