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Night Time Conspicuity
  26. July 2013 at 13:01   more

Project Background

Previous research carried out for the Highways Agency by TRL Limited has shown that the effectiveness of high-visibility clothing worn by road workers is critically...
Simplification of Temporary Traffic Management Signing
  26. July 2013 at 13:01   more

Project Background

One of the highest risk activities for traffic management operatives is identified as exposure to live traffic whilst erecting and taking down temporary traffic management...
VASID - Phase 2 Road trial
  26. July 2013 at 13:01   more

Project Background

Start/End date, value and further details to be confirmed

Project Objectives

Information to follow.

Project Summary

Information to...
Developing a Prototype Safety Risk Model & Safety Risk Profile Bulletin For the HA
  26. July 2013 at 13:01   more

Project Background

The Highways Agency recently launched a new strategic vision which set out the following the goals; • Provide a service that our customers can trust • Set the standard...
Development of a Risk Based Approach to Geotechnical Asset Management
  26. July 2013 at 13:01   more

Project Background

Currently network resilience planning is focussed on incident management. These incidents are high frequency, short term, low consequence events that shut the network for...
Improving Hard Shoulder safety
  26. July 2013 at 13:01   more

Project Background

This project will review progress in reducing the number and severity of accidents involving vehicles using motorway hard shoulders. This project will also take forward...
about RRAF

ERA-NET ROAD II is a collaborative project of European National Road Administrations (NRA) funded under the European Framework Programme (FP7) to develop transnational cooperation for road research.

The Road Research Access Facility (RRAF) is a web-based tool developed by ERA-NET ROAD II to assist NRAs and the road community in finding solutions to their research problems. Its development is phased over the duration of the ERA-NET ROAD II project, with the objective of being fully operational by October 2010. more...

aim and mission

Improving knowledge for a better management of the European strategic road networks is essential for ensuring the sector is contributing effectively to play its key role in Europe. In order to improve the efficiency of research activities contributing to the creation of knowledge, the National Road Administrations (NRAs) in charge of the road networks have developed a cooperating approach based on the identification of existing solutions, or the design of collaborative projects if solutions are not yet available.

The Road Research Access Facility (RRAF) is designed to assist in this process, by providing better insight into the planned, ongoing and finished road research activities at regional, national and European level of other road administrations and knowledge centres. more...

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Re: Instructions for testing the RRAF
Patrizia Bellucci  9. March 2011 at 15:54
I didn't find system malfunctioning. Anyway, I just want to highlight that in order to make the search function produce good results, it is important that keywords are inserted in all projects included in the data-base....
Re: Instructions for testing the RRAF
Darko Gavrić  2. March 2011 at 10:18
Yes there were some problem with access rights. The problems have been solved and you should now see your content. We apologize for all the inconvenience.
Re: Instructions for testing the RRAF
Matej Michelizza  2. March 2011 at 09:05
We are sorry, but it looks there are some problems with access rights on RRAF at the moment. We will try to solve this issue ASAP and will notify you.
Re: Instructions for testing the RRAF
Albert Daly  1. March 2011 at 17:23
I checked the RRAF information today but cannot find any of the project that were on the system back in June. Also, can these entries now be amended and noew project uploaded directly by me? Albert Daly
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Matej Michelizza  20. September 2011 at 13:02
In order to provide a brief overview of the Road Research Access Facility, a short video has been prepared. This video is also available on
Matej Michelizza  24. February 2011 at 10:44
At the end of January 2011, the first active connection between the RRAF and an external database was established. Important road research projects from the FEHRL (Forum of European National Highway...

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